Turn The Tables

Project ongoing, from September 2024 to August 2026

What is it about?

“Turn the Tables” is calling for a fair, innovative, and environmentally conscious overhaul of the procurement of food. Tapping into the collective power of local authorities and civil society, it works with people in Europe, especially youth, to help consumers make sustainable food choices. “Turn the Tables” draws the attention of institutions with catering offers to sustainable sourcing and self-supply, as well as food waste reduction.

Cover image:Bonnie Kittle onUnsplash

What changes does this project inspire?

The project integrates sustainable practices into local food projects and advocates for policies that enable ethical and eco-friendly food procurement. It awakens a sense of shared responsibility, counting every meal as a vote for the planet. By working with young people, local authorities and civil society to sway the tide of public opinion and consumer habits towards greener choices, the project fosters transformative roles for young people in shaping a sustainable food system. By emboldening young voices as advocates and change-makers, “Turn the Tables” isn’t just serving sustainable meals, it is dishing out a recipe for long-lasting global impact.

Total budget



This project funds small organisations and/or local authorities. To find out more about funding opportunities, please get in touch with the partner organisation based in your country of interest.

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