Stop Mad Mining

Project complete, from January 2015 to December 2017

What is it about?

“Stop Mad Mining” highlighted the link between (over-)consumption of raw materials in Europe and poverty, human right violations, and environmental destruction in resource- rich countries. The project sensitised and mobilised citizens, politicians and companies around the dramatic impact of our consumption patterns on dwindling, non-renewable global resources, and how this in turn is impacting the life of people affected by the extraction of raw materials and climate change.

What changes does this project inspire?

“Stop Mad Mining” contributed to a European Parliament resolution on conflict mineral regulation in May 2015. Over 50 000 people signed the “Stop Mad Mining” petition asking their Member States for a strong EU conflict mineral regulation. Other campaign activities brought in a cultural dimension: a “Green Go” short film contest, a cultural exhibition and street theatre, as well as a European week of action. The project also increased media interest through journalist fact finding missions, publications and other media work. Finally, it attracted practitioners´, academic and broader interest through international conferences, speaker tours, workshops and lectures about mining and the overconsumption of raw materials.

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