Scouting our way towards active global citizenship in EYD 2015 and beyond

Project complete, from December 2014 to December 2017

What is it about?

“Scouts and Guides – Active Global Citizens” enhanced the role of the scout movement to support human rights, human dignity and equal opportunities in a more just world. The project empowered scouts to boost locally and globally responsible lifestyles in their communities, as well as in the larger European and international scout movements. The project supported the scout movement to develop educational content and methodologies for Global Citizenship/Development Education. It transformed scouts and guides into actors of change for sustainable and responsible attitudes amongst other scouts, their peers, families, society and nature.

What changes does this project inspire?

“Scouts and Guides – Active Global Citizens” created a new network of eleven partners in seven European countries to develop connections between the scout and guide movement and the field of Global Citizenship/Development Education. New educational tools empowered the scout and guide movement to more effectively promote locally and globally responsible lifestyles. Motivational speakers from the global South and North at the conference “Re-imagining Futures” inspired 145 scout leaders and trainers. Kenyans created a new scout group in the Kibera slum. Carefully selected scout trainers now have the Global Citizenship/Development Education tools and competences to engage and further train their peers.

Total budget