School of Sustainability

Project complete, from April 2015 to April 2018

What is it about?

“School of Sustainability” contributed to the European Year of Development 2015 by informing EU citizens about EU development policy, and mobilising their support for the EU’s actions against poverty and “A Decent life for all” strategy. Through education and campaigning the project developed the critical understanding of European citizens of the interdependent world and of their role in our globalised society.

The project drew on the “Friends of the Earth” experiences in Latin America and Africa, where “Sustainability Schools” had been set up. Running for a few weeks each year, the schools use techniques from popular education, environmental education and political ecology. They enable common political analysis, sharing of skills and the development of leadership, mainly within and between Friends of the Earth groups.

What changes does this project inspire?

“School of Sustainability” engaged over 6 000 local activists and 25 000 members of affected communities. 23 partner organisations were better equipped to integrate development issues into non-formal education systems. Around 40 000 young people were also involved in sustainable education activities. In 2015 alone, the project reached almost 700 000 citizens, actively engaging more than 30 000 through global learning. In the context of the UN climate talks in Paris (COP 21), the themes around climate justice and energy transformation took centre stage.

Total budget