Same World

Project complete, from January 2015 to January 2018

What is it about?

“S.A.M.E. World” stands for Sustainability, Awareness, Mobilisation and Environment in Global Education. The project raised awareness among EU citizens about the European Year for Delevopment 2015 and development cooperation issues, increasing critical understanding of interdependencies in the world. It also showed how people of the Global South are paying a higher price for climate change, often forced to leave their livelihoods and become environmental migrants.

“S.A.M.E. World” produced and promoted educational material, including online tools, and developed educational networks. It ran teacher trainings, conferences and outdoor development education.

What changes does this project inspire?

“Same World” increased the capacity of civil society organisations to advocate about development cooperation issues. It collected and researched relevant information and developed more effective EU level communication on ecological subjects. It enhanced education about development issues, highlighting the particularly tragic impact of climate change on the Global South.

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