Recognise & Change

Project complete, from October 2017 to March 2021

What is it about?

“Recognise & Change” tested and launched an informal global education path in high and middle schools. The path used a methodology called “Empowered Peer Education”. It provided critical tools to understand the impact of migration and gender violence and self-awareness exercises around identity, discrimination and violence. The project strengthened the awareness among the European and non-European public on individual responsibility through a campaign against discrimination and violence.

What changes does this project inspire?

“Recognise & Change” trained over 150 young people in sensitisation and education pathways, in schools and associations from nine countries (seven EU and two non-EU). The project also involved over 13 500 high school students in awareness-raising campaigns and peer education workshops. Around 3 500 secondary schools were trained on interpersonal and cyber relationships. More than 1,5 million people received critical thinking tools to formulate more balanced opinions and to stop superficial assessments of global upheavals such as migration and gender issues.

Total budget