MIND: Migration. Interconnectedness. Development.

Project complete, from October 2017 to March 2021

What is it about?

“MIND” engaged the public and policy makers to address the root causes of forced migration. It highlighted the links between migration and universal sustainable development, demonstrating how migrants are actors of development. The project contributed to positive views and active involvement of European society on development issues and concerns, countering negative perceptions, which are generally based on fear.

What changes does this project inspire?

“MIND” improved the advocacy effectiveness of a network of twelve NGOs from eleven countries. Citizens were involved in national and EU advocacy campaigns on the relation between migration and universal sustainable development, as well as about the EU’s contribution to development cooperation. “MIND” ran 33 country campaigns, gathering one million fans, group members or followers on MIND-related social media channels. The campaigns used findings from the project´s pan-European study “Common Home”, as well as from “MIND” reports on the engagement of political and economic actors. The project established advocacy alliances for enhanced development and migration action. Media coverage of migrants and refugees became more fair and evidence based, with over 2 000 articles published and over 500 media representatives participating in press trips and conferences.

Total budget



This project funds small organisations and/or local authorities. To find out more about funding opportunities, please get in touch with the partner organisation based in your country of interest.