Media4Development – #M4D

Project complete, from January 2015 to December 2017

What is it about?

“Media4Development” developed European citizens’ awareness about development cooperation through media. The project worked with three primary groups: journalists, policy-makers and the wider public. Media4Development enabled journalists to train, policy-makers to attend round-tables on development cooperation issues and the wider public to get involved in development issues though public events.

What changes does this project inspire?

“Media4Development” supported journalists from Estonia, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovakia to cover global challenges and development cooperation in their work. Journalist trainings, field trips and study visits together with NGOs from Finland and Ireland led to greater media coverage of development issues. Through media, the project raised public awareness about global interdependencies and challenges. More than 15 documentaries were produced and screened. A series of international roundtables and more regular bulletins informed and engaged policy-makers in discussions on development cooperation.

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