Media, Minorities and Migration

Project complete, from October 2017 to April 2021

What is it about?

“Media, Minorities and Migration” strengthened the capacity of journalists and journalism students to report sensitively on minority, poverty and migration issues. Through media stipends, awards, training, curriculum development workshops, social media interventions and global reports, they improved the related media coverage. The project also raised EU public awareness of the interconnections between the EU and the Global South on issues concerning minorities, poverty and migration.

What changes does this project inspire?

Over 600 media pieces were published on minority, poverty, and migration issues. 300 journalists followed an online course, travelled ‘to the field’, and received stipends for their journalistic work. 20 national newsrooms in the EU broadcast more development stories than they did before the project. They thus demonstrated an increased commitment to quality development journalism, particularly concerning minorities and migration. This video summarises results achieved.

Total budget