Make ICT Fair

Project complete, from November 2017 to January 2021

What is it about?

The production of our smartphones, laptops and other communication technologies (ICT), is sometimes tainted in the Global South by human rights abuses and environmental risks for workers and local communities.

“Make ICT Fair” increased awareness and support among EU citizens, procurement officers and decision-makers, as well as local partners in the Global South, of these risks and abuses. It helped to improve conditions in ICT supply chains, notably in the mining sector that extracts precious metals and minerals to be used in ICT. The project researched, campaigned, advocated and built capacities to improve the lives of workers and others impacted along the ICT supply chain.

What changes does this project inspire?

“Make ICT Fair” helped increase the inclusion of labour standards – Electronics Watch (EW) conditions – in public sector contracts. New investments by multilateral development banks are more likely to apply human rights due diligence criteria, consistent with standards in updated Electronics Watch contract conditions. EU regulation over the minerals and electronics sector became more coherent with stronger human rights, labour and conflict dimensions. Finally, ten large IT companies improved policy and practice on labour standards, conflict and human rights.

A lot of this was achieved because, thanks to “Make ICT Fair”, 400 000 people in Europe became active citizens by calling on their governments, public sector bodies and multilateral development banks to take action.

Total budget