Project ongoing, from July 2016 to December 2026

What is it about?

iLEGEND promotes interdisciplinary Global Citizenship Education, which helps learners to develop individual and collective responses to social, ecological, political, economic, and ethical issues of common concern. In both formal and non-formal education settings, the project reinforces the capacities of practitioners and facilitates dialogue between state and non-state actors, especially from the youth sector. It mobilises commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and in particular SDG 4.7: Education for sustainable development and global citizenship.

Over 300 000 mainly educators and students participate in iLEGEND’s annual Global Education Week, with its campaigns and thousands of activities around Global Citizenship Education, SDGs and everyone’s co-responsibility to achieve them. While concentrating on Europe, iLEGEND welcomes participants from the Middle East and Africa, to encourage intercultural learning and dialogue.

iLEGEND stands for Intercultural Learning Exchange through Global Education, Networking and Dialogue. The project is currently in its third phase. Phase I took place July 2016 – July 2019 (with a budget of € 1.2 million) and Phase II October 2019 – October 2021 (€ 1.3 million).

What changes does this project inspire?

The running iLEGEND project builds on the results of its first and second phases, running since July 2016. It continues to develop global education related competences of education practitioners, including through its tutored online Global Education training programme. By 2023, 700 practitioners, including representatives from ministries, had completed courses on global citizenship, human rights, intercultural dialogue and media. 160 youth multipliers participated in residential courses on global education and youth. Via the North-South Centre Network of Universities on Youth and Global Citizenship, iLEGEND participants also exchange knowledge and cooperate with young people from other regions of the world.

iLEGEND continues to strengthen the Global Education Network (GEN) of 40 national coordinators, which spreads Global Education Guidelines, expertise in curriculum development and policy-making, as well as Global Citizenship Education principles and values across Europe. Network meetings, regional seminars, and Global Education congresses have built dialogue, trust and common ground between policymakers and civil society, between formal and non-formal education sectors, to develop and implement global education strategies. By 2023, over 20 European CSOs received funding from iLEGEND for their own Global Education initiatives.

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This project funds small organisations and/or local authorities. To find out more about funding opportunities, please get in touch with the partner organisation based in your country of interest.

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