I Am European

Project complete, from November 2019 to October 2022

What is it about?

“I Am European” fostered public debate and increased media coverage of migration, refugee and diversity issues that are nuanced and evidence-based. Focusing on young people, media training, school simulations, virtual reality experiences and speaker tours helped build empathy and inclusion in eight EU Member States. At the heart of the social media campaigns were real people with real experiences and stories of migration. “I Am European” helped create a more open, inclusive, and peaceful culture towards migrants and refugees in Europe.

What changes does this project inspire?

Migrants are often reported as part of statistics – they do not have a name, a story or a voice. “I Am European” covered migration in a more personal way to build a more inclusive culture for migrants and refugees in Europe.

“I Am European” helped change young people’s attitudes and behaviour by raising awareness on the reasons and drivers of migration, disseminating personal stories and facilitating connections with migrant youth. Over 1,26 million young people reported that they had taken action to promote integration, acceptance and tolerance.

1 280 teachers, youth workers and other multipliers increased their awareness of migration through global education activities. More than a thousand young journalists created content on migration, committing to a more fair and balanced representation of migration. Two of them won Estonian media awards for their work: Best Podcast in 2022 and Best Multimedia Story in 2023. The simulation/interactive story enables viewers to make choices as Ukrainian refugees and learn more about forced migration. More than 23 million people have been reached via social media campaigns and videos.

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