Game On!

Project complete, from October 2019 to October 2023

What is it about?

“Game On!” empowers young people to react to the threat of climate change on people’s lives and ecosystems in and outside of Europe. The project inspires young people and decision-makers to change their attitudes and daily practices for more sustainable lifestyles. “Game On!” also channels their energy and strong will through, for example, a gamification approach, working with geocaching games, board games, mobile apps, international exchanges, museum exhibitions and improvisation theatre plays.

What changes does this project inspire?

“Game On!” is using innovative climate communications to reach larger audiences. The project feeds the scripts of a Budapest comedy house with climate science, partners with museums and creates adventure games around environmental topics, such as light pollution and wine production.
“Game On!” products include three games, which make the fight against climate change more fun: 1) the Terra Futura board game, used by over 10 000 people, 2) the Climate Game app, downloaded more than 3 000 times and 3) ClimateQuest geocaching. Three educational tools help educators and learners address climate change: 1) Climate Education – EduQuest yourself!, 2) CLIMATE COMPACT, an e-Learning platform, and 3) a Greening Festival Guide. “Game On!” youth and wilderness camps are also making climate education fun. Over 435 “Game On” youth ambassadors have been producing communication products to raise awareness about ecosystem degradation and social impact, including migration.
Last, but not least, “Game On!” has made over 1 300 appearances on TV and radio, as well as written publications, which have reached over 45 million people, from small communities to policy makers.

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