Funding Fairer Future

Project ongoing, from May 2024 to May 2028

What is it about?

“Funding Fairer Futures” unites a network of changemakers across Europe and the Global South, focusing on inclusive and gender-transformative climate justice in Europe and beyond. The project aims to empower over 300 civil society organisations in the European Union, Western Balkans, Turkey, and select countries in Asia, Africa, and the Pacific islands. Together, through awareness-raising, advocacy, campaigns and capacity-building, “Funding Fairer Futures” is mobilising thousands of people in Europe to act for a sustainable and equitable future.

Cover image:Konrad Skotnicki

What changes does this project inspire?

“Funding Fairer Futures” envisions a world where climate action and social justice are intrinsically linked. The project operates in diverse locations, reaching people in European cities as well as in underserved rural areas. It also connects communities in the Global South with those in the North, fostering solidarity and building a coalition for change with activities that amplify the voices of marginalised groups and encourage dialogue with policymakers, sparking transformative change. From empowering ecofeminist groups to supporting youth-led climate advocacy across the EU, and enhancing climate resilience in the Pacific islands, the project integrates inclusivity into the very core of climate action.
The ultimate goal is to ignite a global movement for transformative climate policies. These policies will champion gender equality, disability inclusion, and youth leadership, fostering collaboration between citizens, civil society organisations, and policymakers. The project will advocate for a just transition to a low-carbon society where every voice shapes a thriving future, and every action counts.
By empowering grassroots movements with financial resources and robust training, the project aspires to forge a generation of changemakers.

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