EAThink2015. Eat local, think global

Project complete, from January 2015 to December 2017

What is it about?

“EAThink2015” enhanced primary and secondary school students’ and teachers’ critical understanding and active engagement in food security and sovereignty, sustainable food systems and smallholder farming. It worked in schools in twelve European and two African countries to address global development challenges.

The global food system has many negative impacts on the environment and people’s health. Political and financial interests are not always in line with farmers’ and consumers’ rights. Rapid and contradictory changes are taking place, and it remains challenging to take action. Working in schools was central to encouraging young people to develop their own tools for critical understanding in an ever-changing world.

What changes does this project inspire?

“EAThink2015” set up an educational web space ( with educational materials to improve civic, social and digital competencies of students in the EU. Over 100 teaching modules on food production and consumption, alternative food systems and the right to food, are available for free for primary and secondary school teachers and global education trainers. The EAThink Kit includes Global Learning Units on sustainable agriculture in twelve EU languages. The Garden Kit is for teachers to set up and use organic school gardens for Global Learning – in five languages. A multimedia app with a fairy tale for children on the origin and seasonality of food and recipes included a multiple-choice game on our ecological footprints.

“EAThink2015” set up a Multimedia Centre and food exhibition at the Milan EXPO 2015. It disseminated the results and educational content for food sustainability via young journalists and their social media. For more outcomes, see project website.

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