Project ongoing, from May 2020 to May 2024

What is it about?

Global food production and consumption generate more than a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions. “Eat4Change” calls for a shift towards more sustainable diets and food production practices.  The project engages especially 15 to 35 year old European citizens to decrease animal-based products in their diets and increase the consumption of plant-based food. It highlights global interconnections and dependencies and demonstrates how individual diets can impact the wellbeing of people and the planet.

What changes does this project inspire?

“Eat4Change” is creating transformation from three angles, working:
to engage citizens for healthy and sustainable diets
with food producers and retailers on sustainable agricultural production
to create an enabling policy environment. 
Over 3 700 educators, school leaders, youth ambassadors, volunteers and young professionals have been empowered to mobilise people around sustainable food systems. Youth had their voices heard during 42 meetings with Members of the European Parliament, in particular to advocate for the so-called deforestation law.
“Eat4Change” has created several tools to support people’s shift toward more sustainable diets, e.g. food guide application (Sweden), online food course (Finland, Estonia, Portugal), e-book with tips and recipes (Belgium), food guide showing simple meal swaps (United Kingdom). It ran a successful social media campaign in Brazil involving local youth and telling their stories in the food business. The project has also produced an educator’s guide to help mobilise youth for sustainable diets, infographics, videos and many more advocacy and learning tools.

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