Developing Capacities Together

Project complete, from November 2017 to January 2021

What is it about?

“Developing capacities together-InterCap” addressed the emerging concerns about the shifting public perceptions of (in)security and risk with regards to migration and sustainable development. It established networks connecting civil society organisations (CSOs) and universities, built the capacities of education actors and promoted global learning on migration, security and sustainable development in an interdependent world. “Developing capacities together” worked with teachers and decision makers, teacher trainers, teachers and students, to enhance their critical understanding of the causes and effects of migration, addressing issues of misinformation and negative representations.

What changes does this project inspire?

“Developing capacities together” increased coherence and consistency in development education on migration, sustainable development and the interdependencies across local and global contexts. It changed attitudes and mentalities towards migration and has raised awareness on issues of sustainable development.

“Developing capacities together” established European-wide networks of over 900 CSOs, including the European Development Education Community of Practice and mentor partnerships between project countries and their associated teacher training institutions.
It enhanced members’ development education competencies and strengthened partnerships between LAs, CSOs and universities, involving 40 local and educational authorities, 51 CSOs and 22 universities. The project also created a multilingual resource website and ran audits on migration, sustainability and development education at national and EU levels.

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