Connecting the Dots

Project ongoing, from June 2024 to May 2028

What is it about?

“Connecting the Dots” empowers EU citizens, in particular young activists, to tackle global challenges through the interconnected lenses of economic, gender and climate justice. The project promotes knowledge, tools, and spaces for capacity building, networking, campaigning and advocacy across over 15 European countries. It engages media, educators, and decision-makers to amplify narratives and drive systemic change by connecting local and international efforts.

What changes does this project inspire?

“Connecting the dots” inspires young people living in Europe to actively shape the path towards economic, gender and climate justice. The project breaks down complex issues into relatable narratives and equips a diverse number of activists with compelling knowledge and practical skills.
“Connecting the Dots” inspires transformative change through podcasts, toolkits and workshops, designed to stimulate critical thinking and collective action. It envisions a future where empowered young people drive policy changes for a fairer, more sustainable world, bridging the gap between local actions and global impacts.

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