Climate of Change

Project complete, from January 2020 to July 2023

What is it about?

The #ClimateOfChange campaigns highlighted the connection between migration and climate change as a driver of forced displacement, and placed the voices of youth and of most affected communities at its heart. They were based on data and testimonies collected from four countries highly affected by climate change: Guatemala, Senegal, Kenya and Cambodia. #ClimateOfChange fought for effective policies that work toward socially and ecologically just economies.

What changes does this project inspire?

Young people and educators learned and advocated about the complex connections between migration and climate change, and the role of sustainable development work. #ClimateOfChange promoted climate justice through creative events, including a pan-European contemporary circus tour, which showed in 60 festivals and attracted 14 000 participants. The video documentary of the tour won “best short” at the “Environmental Film & Screenplay Festival” and is still being screened across EU universities and schools.
Debate contests about climate change and migration took place across European secondary schools, universities and youth centers. The 26 winning ‘champions for a human economy’ visited Kenya and collected stories that highlight the connection between its changing climate and lifestyles in Europe. They promoted them in four TedX talks and on social media.
#ClimateOfChange critically examined global interdependencies through innovative and learner empowerment approaches, via debates with over 10 000 students, 86 workshops, media trainings, public fora and stunts. The #ClimateOfChange petition has been signed by over 105 000 people to call for effective change on environmental and social rights. Social media campaigns included social experiment videos and four episodes of #WonderWomen in Kenya, Tunisia, Germany and Italy – connecting climate and social issues, specifically gender rights. They reached ten million people.

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