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Advocates, educators and researchers, come find toolkits, studies and best practices for campaigns, global citizenship education and other DEAR themes and practices.

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EU DEAR Programme Capacity-building and Reports

The DEAR Programme offers regular learning and exchange opportunities to DEAR projects. Check out capacity-building resources, presentations, and reports ranging from communication to financial management, from policy advocacy to DEAR achievement reports.

Events and other opportunities

EU DEAR projects, Global Citizenship Education researchers and the European Commission offer many events and opportunities. You can sign up for free events, discover new calls for proposals, learn about job opportunities and much more.

You can also promote your events yourself through the Capacity4Dev DEAR group here.

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Other resources

DEAR Legacy Exchange Hub - Findings

DEAR Hubs are regular peer-learning events for EU DEAR Projects. The Legacy Hub in Brussels focused on what projects leave behind after completion. This resource collects key takeaways, including about Story-telling and the Engagement Pyramid. It addresses four types of legacy: 1) Campaign legacy, 2) Individual and group change, 3) Policy change and 4) Knowledge production. To learn more, download and read the full report.

Climate Diaries: a visual inclusive tool

"Climate of Change" asked participants in Cambodia, Guatemala, Kenya and Senegal to share photos and perceptions of the climate crisis in a WhatsApp group. This is an inclusive and accessible tool, which fostered visual creativity. They showed the impact of climate on their lives and livelihoods. The Climate Diaries resource includes case studies, definitions of key terms and a detailed activity description.

How to Mobilise Young Feminists for Climate Justice

The guide provides tips and strategies for climate justice activism and advocacy to influence decision-makers. The programme includes activities to help young people identify the approach that best suits them, based on self-discovery, security concerns, personal values, relations to the world and identity. A key premise is that gender and other identities shape how, especially young people, understand and experience climate crises. 


The DEAR MEAL Guide - Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning

The DEAR MEAL guide helps to assess project and programme achievements, reflect what works, when, how and why. It guides DEAR actors through every stage of a project: designing, developing, building partnerships, monitoring, communicating DEAR results, as well as questioning and determining the overall purpose.