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2 February, 2024
DEAR Impact and Stories of Change
DEAR projects help build a more sustainable world. Evidence shows that DEAR projects brought change in policies, behaviours and institutional practices. They have helped the European Parliament pass new legislation to combat global deforestation, contributed to improving the rights of migrant workers in Estonia, guided companies towards more sustainable conducts, and addressed numerous other global issues of our times.
Eat4Change Campaign Advert
20 December 2023
Young Minds Unite for Sustainable Diets in Finland
"With the knowledge I gained at the Youth Summit, I want to promote change both in the Netherlands and in my home country Nigeria,” participant Oladoja described the inspiration of “Eat4Change’s” five-day event in a Finnish national park. Learn more about the summit and food activists’ perspectives from other countries.
"People & Planet" Water Campaign
26 October 2023
Young Europeans on Climate & Water Scarcity
DEAR project “People & Planet” collected the thoughts and ideas of 3500 young citizens across eight European countries on how to combat climate change and water scarcity. The results of the survey express their worries, aspirations, and a fierce determination to take action. Discontent with mere awareness, they are proactive warriors for the planet - demanding political action at all levels of governance.
24 October 2023
New Voices for the European Parliament
Looking ahead to the June 2024 European Parliament elections, the Youth Ideas Report 2023 has much to propose for current and future legislators. Ensuring vegetarian options in school and office canteens is just one of the fifteen youth recommendations. Sustainability education and stopping food waste are others that will resonate strongly with EU DEAR projects and practitioners. Read more about the recommendations HERE.
Love to Learn
20 October 2023
Global Citizenship Education: Highlighting Hope and Global Perspectives
Global (Citizenship) Education discussions are largely dominated by Western educational discourse and approaches. The new special issue of the “International Journal of Development Education and Global Learning” challenges this by focusing on the pedagogy of hope and other non-Western approaches to GCE.
Climate Activists from Nicaragua
2 October 2023
“I want to be part of the change!”
Game On! Climate European “ambassadors” tell us about their journeys to Guatemala and Nicaragua - and how the DEAR project experiences changed their view on the world. Sharing stories from their Central American peers, one young Romanian activist highlights their resilience: “their struggles are much harder than ours, yet they continue to fight and do not burn out”.
25 September 2023
Europeans want more action on climate change
Most Europeans see climate change as a serious problem, according to the EU polling service Eurobarometer. They feel the problem is so acute that two-thirds take individual action to counter climate change. Most Europeans however think that national governments, the EU and businesses fall short on action - and that they should do more.
12 July 2023
All EU DEAR Projects over the past ten Years
If you work on global education, awareness raising on global justice, advocacy for just transitions and much more, the new DEAR website is the place to go.
Symbolic picture of Culture
23 June 2023
Participation in Culture enhances Democracy
A new European Commission report on Culture and Democracy evidences that citizen participation in inclusive cultural activities has a clear and positive impact on civic engagement, democracy and social cohesion.
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24 May 2023
BeGlobal: A New Centre for Global Education
BeGlobal advocates for the integration of Global Citizenship Education (GCE) in both Belgian and partner country schools and other learning spaces. Their 2023 magazine is dedicated to the Dublin Declaration on Global Education and assesses its implications for advancing GCE in Europe.
Critical Thinking
3 May 2023
Global Education at the European Parliament
A roundtable in the European Parliament, promoted by IDEA and Bridge 47, discussed how the 2023 European Year of Skills could help strengthen sustainability, democracy, and social inclusion. Civil society suggests avoiding narrow definitions of skills, purely linked to professional development, and include critical thinking and life skills.
Climate Activists
12 April 2023
How to mobilise young feminists for Climate Justice? - public launch of SPARK´s Toolkit
DEAR project “SPARK” developed an interactive guide and workshop programme with tips and strategies for climate justice activism and advocacy to influence decision makers. At the public launch of the toolkit, feminist climate activists from the Philippines and Ukraine described the impact of climate crises on women and girls in their countries.
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