12 July 2023
All EU DEAR Projects over the past ten Years
If you work on global education, awareness raising on global justice, advocacy for just transitions and much more, the new DEAR website is the place to go.
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23 June 2023
Participation in Culture enhances Democracy
A new European Commission report on Culture and Democracy evidences that citizen participation in inclusive cultural activities has a clear and positive impact on civic engagement, democracy and social cohesion.
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24 May 2023
BeGlobal: A New Centre for Global Education
BeGlobal advocates for the integration of Global Citizenship Education (GCE) in both Belgian and partner country schools and other learning spaces. Their 2023 magazine is dedicated to the Dublin Declaration on Global Education and assesses its implications for advancing GCE in Europe.
Critical Thinking
3 May 2023
Global Education at the European Parliament
A roundtable in the European Parliament, promoted by IDEA and Bridge 47, discussed how the 2023 European Year of Skills could help strengthen sustainability, democracy, and social inclusion. Civil society suggests avoiding narrow definitions of skills, purely linked to professional development, and include critical thinking and life skills.
Climate Activists
12 April 2023
How to mobilise young feminists for Climate Justice? - public launch of SPARK´s Toolkit
DEAR project “SPARK” developed an interactive guide and workshop programme with tips and strategies for climate justice activism and advocacy to influence decision makers. At the public launch of the toolkit, feminist climate activists from the Philippines and Ukraine described the impact of climate crises on women and girls in their countries.
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30 March 2023
Joining Forces: the DEAR Multi-Stakeholder Group
What do you know about the most recent policy initiatives fostering global education and awareness raising? Learn from the DEAR Multi-Stakeholder Group how institutions, practitioners, educators, scholars, young people engage on Development Education and Awareness Raising (DEAR).
10 March 2023
More DEAR Project Highlights
This is a snapshot of what some EU DEAR projects are up to. Read about the first Lithuanian climate festival, the Maltese environmental film festival, game apps to reduce your climate footprint, food contests, and other initiatives. Find out more from DEAR projects FoodWave, GameOn and Climate Of Change.
8 March 2023
Video-Guides for DEAR Applications
The EU DEAR Programme has created resources to help organisations build strong DEAR project proposals, based on a solid logical framework focussed on change. Find a brief overview and links to the videos and guide for Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL), including an EU webinar on Log Frame Matrixes and indicators.
28 February 2023
Four DEAR workshops at the European Youth Event
At the EYE2023, the European Parliament’s flagship youth event (to be held in Strasbourg in June 2023), four DEAR projects will offer event participants the chance to learn about food sustainability myths and sustainable food supply chains, encourage youth mobilisation for collective change, and create street actions on global issues.
1 February 2023
A DEAR Story: What is War?
The Global Education Week is the flagship event of iLegend, a joint EU-Council of Europe project. The Polish 2022 edition, focused on peace education through the lens of the war in Ukraine and the importance of global education to increase understanding of global interdependencies. The Polish coordinator recounts the challenges she faced in a country where support for development cooperation is decreasing.
25 January 2023
International Conference on Global Education & Learning and Call for Proposals
ANGEL, the Academic Network on Global Education and Learning, working in partnership with UNESCO, will host scholars, researchers, policymakers and practitioners at their 2023 conference, to be held in Paris on 19-20 June 2023. The free event will showcase key developments in global education and learning.
22 December 2022
Renewed Global Education Cooperation between the European Union and the Council of Europe
“iLEGEND” launches its next four years of intercultural learning exchange through Global Education, Networking and Dialogue. It promotes Global Education as an interdisciplinary approach, which helps learners to develop individual and collective responses to social, ecological, political, economic and ethical issues.
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